With Boni.tv your life will becheaper, simpler, easier, more positive, more profitable,this is what we promise.

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Saving money through cashback

Cashback is a very simple and clever possibility to save money in a wide range of online shops. Cashback with Boni.tv is not only simple but also cost-free. More and more people appreciate our offer and use it. With cashback you get money back, saving at the same time.. The effort is small indeed: You just need to register with us, once. Then there are 2.846 offers for you – shops, prize competitions, even travel bookings. Always use Boni.tv when you go shopping and you will save money and profit from discounts..

Cashback means you get money back

With us – and that’s the difference! – your cashback for every single item of your shopping is added to your credit balance, in euros. You are filling your account with money while you go shopping and the minimum amount for payout is only 8 euros. No unwelcome premiums or points. How does it work? We get a commission from our partner shops for every item you buy. This cashback we share with you. Use our offers, save money and get money back from us. Very simple and risk-free.

Extra discounts through coupons

Many of our partner shops offer discount coupons. You find them together with their general offers. They can be used any time. When using our coupons in the relevant partner shop, the price is reduced by the amount stated. Please mind: When using a coupon, cashback may be less or even nonexistent!

More cashback through friends

If your own cashback is not enough we have precisely the right thing for you. Recruit friends and family as boni.tv users and collect cashback when your friends save money. This system works on three levels: You get money back even when the friends of your friends go shopping – enjoying discounts and saving ready cash.

And if your friends do not wish to register with us, you can simply pass on offers and discounts via your friendship link. Your friend orders in one of our partner shops as usual but uses your Boni.tv account – and you will collect cashback. There is no disadvantage to your friend – and you may fix it with him or her if he (or she) gets money back from you and saves as well or if you keep your Boni.tv cashback entirely to yourself.